I’ve been DJing all kinds of parties for all kinds of people for most of my adult life. Over the years I’ve become addicted to seeking out new sounds and staying up on what direction music is heading. My passion for discovering new music has evolved into a passion for sharing it. That is why I created PureFeelz.com, a website that serves as a link between myself and others who seek to consume things only of the highest purity.

All the records I’ll be sharing are melodic, emotionally stimulating and masterfully produced. Each meticulously curated tune has also been categorized into situational playlists accessible through your preferred streaming platform. My mission is to perpetuate audible beauty and to help others broaden their musical landscape beyond just the mainstream, while also expanding my own.

As a DJ, I consider it my responsibility to share and support good music. I help artists expand their fan base and connect music lovers with quality compositions that often times will never make the radio waves. There is far too much amazing talent out there that far too few people know about. If you like one of the tracks I post, please share it with your friends. Happy to be on this explorative journey with you:)💧🎶 @RyanCoxx


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